The Shower Tower Company

Welcome to Dubai's first SOAPENIR

A truly unique & luxurious soap that stands as a tribute & homage to the wonderful city of Dubai.


We are all about celebrating and sharing iconic memories. As Dubai’s first ever SOAPENIR, we pay tribute to the visionary towers and fascinating buildings of Dubai to bring back your special memories of your wonderful Dubai experience.

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Our Aim

The Shower Tower Company aims to honour the vision, tradition and passion of Dubai; a place which welcomes so many global travelers to experience their own exciting journey within this wonderful and fascinating city.

Natural ingredients & highest quality

All of our SOAPENIRs are crafted from only the best natural ingredients in a family-owned factory, right in the heart of Europe. For more than 230 years, 8 generations of this family have produced the highest quality soaps forged from raw natural ingredients. We do not use chemicals, stabilizer, artificial coloring or else.

From Dubai with Love

Our luxury Shower Tower SOAPENIRs are the perfect way to share a little piece of your special Dubai story with your loved ones back home (and their skin will love it!).

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"It was love at first sight. Seriously, the Shower Tower concept is brilliant: packaging and attention to detail is super cute; the smell heavenly and the SOAPENIR itself eyecandy for every bathroom.."

– Dr Natalia Wiechowski

"This soap leaves my skin magically soft!"

– Nisha Primlani-Pugnet

"I love the soap! It leaves my skin amazingly moisturized!"

– Kimberly Angelique Thorne

I used it on my super sensitive face and I will replace my current face wash with the Burj Khalifa Soap!"

– Dr Agata James

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